Facet Squared is clarity.

A crystal-clear picture of what you need and how to get it done right.  

No smoke. No mirrors.

Only transparency at every stage, every day. Why? Because we’ve been research clients, too. We know—better than anyone—exactly how to make your life easier. We know how to satisfy your budget, your timeline, and even your boss. And that’s quite a vision.

Jeremy Stabile


Jeremy Stabile is an experienced marketing research consultant and operations professional with over a decade in the research industry. His experience spans both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies. His career began at Doxus, a technology consultancy, and he also spent 5 years at Market Strategies International. His vertical specialties include technology, B2B, financial services and CPG research in a variety of methodologies including: online and in-person global qualitative, web survey research, and telephone data collection.

Greg Stevens


Greg Stevens has 15 years of market research experience, having worked at two full-service firms—Doxus, a technology consultancy, and Market Strategies International, a global market research provider. Over the course of his tenure in the industry Greg has managed both recruiters and project managers, has executed hundreds of qualitative projects, and has managed tens of thousands of completes among both ad hoc quantitative studies and trackers. Greg enjoys executing global research, with specialties in technology and financial services.